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We are a small game company that thinks when you keep it small, you can maintain the quality. We want to make sure every game and game product we release is special.


All of our game products are designed to be fun to play and interesting to the mind and eye.


We design our games to be playable, and have repeat play fun. So no two games are the same.

We Listen

We involve our fellow gamers in getting their opinions on how to make our games better and more fun.

Bloody Seas Board Game

You and up to six fellow players man your ships, and either defend fleet or loot and burn targets and more. Blood is in the water...

  • Open play - You determine how long game play is.
  • Choose from 12 different ships.
  • Create your character, make it unique to you.
  • No two games can ever be the same.
  • Heavy Storyline driven play.
  • Designed from ages 12 to adult.
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A bit about our products!
You and your fellow adventurers meet in a mysterious Inn, where you are captured and teleported to the Rot Hole Dungeon. The Evil Mage loves this game, the rules are simple. Make it out alive...
Choose being a Captain of a British or Spanish ship, or maybe a rogue Pirate Captain. However, your goal is to either protect the merchant ships, or loot them for all they are worth, in this game of the Carribean high seas.
The Deck Of product line are decks of cards to aid the DM in making his or her Dungeons, Inn's, Cities and outdoor environments more engaging and interesting for their players. Fast, easy and fun.
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