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Retailers Policy

Legitimate retailers both brick and mortar and online stores may contact us via our contact page with a request for information. We do require all potential wholesale customers to fill out a retailer application, which will include a request for your company information, sales tax ID and Federal EIN number. We offer standard industry level discounts on wholesale purchases, we also can work with your location for promotional and or other events for your location.

We do require all retailers who purchaseour games at a wholesale level to be legitimate game shops. We know there are online only retailers and thus we require from all retailers no matter if you are a large storefront or a mom and pop that is only online the following basic information.

  • Your Formal Business Name
  • Are you an LLC, Corp, DBA etc
  • Business Address and full contact information
  • Website URL (if you have one)
  • Your sales tax ID number
  • Business owners names
  • Why do you want to carry our games

All of this information is kept strictly private, and we never sell any information to anyone. As we have said several times on this site. We market and sell games, not information. So as a retiler you are safe to provide us the information we need to ensure you can sell our games. Plus this policy also ensure your customers know that you are a legitimate business and are vetted and authorized to sell products made by Wizard Tower Games.

You can email us RIGHT HERE and ask for a retailers application and we will send you one. Just be sure to fill out the form completely as it will help with the processing of your retailer application.