We would like to announce that we are now producing 5E compatible game materials, and for the start of this we are releaseing the Campaign Trackers for Spell Casting and Warrior Classes.


The Mazes and Perils re-release has been cancelled. After discussion with the the original publisher, they have decided to not move forward.


Our new website is now live. We plan to launch from this site all of our games and projects. We have expanded information now on each game, and have firm release dates now on all projects, and our store will be live within 48 hours of go live.


D20 Wear, a gamer clothing line is being released and supported by Wizard Tower Games. The line has been created by the owners daughter, who is a young woman who loves to create. We think helping support our young people's ideas is a way to make them not only feel more validated, but also helps expand their creativity with support.


In an effor to engage more directly with customers, and to bring more gamers together in an environment where events, games and issues that effect gamers can be discussed. Plus in an effort to allow gamers a place to feel welcome doing such, we have created an online discussion forum.

The discussion forum is open to everyone. If you would like to check out the Gamers Discussion Forum, you can do so RIGHT HERE


In an effort to better serve our base, and to be more inline with our overall long term plans. Wizard Tower Games has updated with a new website and will be along with designing games, we will be offering the publishing of games for others, and also offering design and build services for individuals who have a game and want an economical and relativly fast and efficient way to get their game print ready..

The publishing services wil allow others to have their game outlines designed and formatted for game production, and or take ready made ready to go games and publish them for sale online within our own store.


Wizard Tower Games is announcing that they will be publishing the 10th Anniversary Special Edition of the Ennie Award winning game, Mazes and Perils. This will be a box set with expanded content, and wil be released in late March or Early April 2022.


Wizard Tower Games is announcing the boardgame Blood and Steel. A WWII tactical based board game, where players use Armor and Infantry units to do battle with each other. This game is set for release in the Summer of 2022


Wizard Tower Games is announcing the Universal RPG Campaign Setting, Openworlds. This is a new setting for gamers to enjoy, and the setting will be universally compatible with most popular Role Playing Game. This is set for release in the Late Winter 2022.


Wizard Tower Games is happy to announce that today we met with and agreed to aquire a dedicated creator and company offices space in Battle Creek, Michigan. This exciting space will comprise of a dedicated 1800 sq foot set of offices, with over 2,000 square feet of dedicated onsite production and creation / development space. This new space will allow us to move all aspects of design and development under one roof.

Wizard Tower Games is anticipating taking posession of, and having the space ready for moving into and use by Spring 2022.