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Inclusiveness Policy

We believe gaming, and the development of games is better when everyone is involved. It does not matter to us what color you are, or what religion you are. We do not care what pronoun you use, or what or how you relate with yourself in order for you to feel complete and happy.

We think everyone deserves a chance, and a place, not only at every gaming table out there. But also within the gaming industry itself, and within our own company. As we grow we will undoubtedly face the chance to hire talented individuals, and one thing we will never care about is what pronoun you prefer, or if you are gay, trans or whatever.

We as a company as we grow will worry about is the person qualified. Simple as that, and we will always try to give a chance to those who show the desire to learn and be a part of a team.. Everyone has a right to be happy, to feel welcome. With Wizard Tower Games, everyone will be welcome. To be clear, we welcome everyone including...

  • Those who are combat disabled
  • Those who identify as Transgender
  • Those who are gay or queer
  • Those who are disabled
  • Those who are needing special accomidations
  • Those who may suffer from social disorders

We know that talent comes in many forms, and we are willing to work with individuals to help bring out their creativity. We only ask that if we works with you, you will work with us. Mutual cooperation is a to way street, and when we work together, when we understand that each of us have needs that have to be met, we can make great things happen.

If you are wanting to reach out to us and send us your resume and what would you like to do for us, and why would you want to work for us, you can send us an email RIGHT HERE. We would love to hear from you. We might be able to hire you, or maybe work with you on a per project level.