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Wizard Tower Games is Veteran owned, and I know that not enough is done for the men and women who have served our Country. So we offer this small attempt to give a list of resources for Veterans. The below information is valid as of the date of this posting, and I come back to this page on a regular basis and update links and numbers as needed. This is by far not a complate list of things available, but is merely my attempt to help as I can.

To the right are important links if anyone needs them. There is no shame to call and ask for help. Like we are raught in our training, we need to depend on others sometimes to reach our goal. The people at the other end of the links to the right are our friends, and are there to help.

We all struggle, and we all sometimes feel like there are not other options. But there are, and no matter how alone you think you are, you always have someone who is there and cares. If you are a veteran and are contemplating self harm, or need someone to just talk to call 988 and someone is there to listen to you. There is no shame in asking for help.

There are a myriad of housing assistance programs available from low to no interest VA home loans, or homeless assistance and more. The link goes to the main VA page where various program links are listed.

Navigating the post separation world can be hard, and making sure you get your benefits that you deserve can be equally hard. This link is a solid central point where you can look for ways to get everything from your disability benefits to other basic benefits available to Veterans that sometimes we are not aware be are aboe to get.