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Lost Adventures of GC

$95.00 - Limited Edition Hard Cover
Shipping Early 2024

Available in both a limited edition hard cover and also a mass release soft cover. A portion of every sale of this Limited Edition book will also be donated to the 9/11 Never Forget fund and to a recently diagnosed breast cancer sufferer.


This is the Hard Cover version limited to 300 copies of the Lost Adventures of Garycon. In this special edition are two of the first tournament modules that Tim Kask wrote for GaryCon I and II. Each module is presented in it's original form, and also converted into both 1E and 5E versions, so everyone will get something out of this unique product.

The two modules are The Tower of the Mad Wizard which was played at Garycon I, and also the Return to the Frozen North, which was played at Garycon II. Also inside this limited edition hard cover are several pull out full color maps, expanded monsters, and several unique pre-gen characters. Along with this stunning hardcover purchasers will get the following.

Also included is a four page comic spread from Jim Wampler of Marvin the Mage that was first shown at GaryCon 4. Plus included is a brief how Marvin the Mage is made, where you can see the process of making the madly madcap and amusing Mage being created.

  • Quality hard cover book, with full color heavy weight pages
  • All copies signed by Tim Kask
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Two totally new and unique PC Classes, compatible with ODnD, ADnD and 5E
  • Several removable maps of the areas and worlds
  • 16 Unique monsters never before seen or published
  • Unique Pre-Generated player characters
  • The scanned original module as played by Tim Kask
  • Security Hologram showing your edition number

This also comes in a standard soft cover version that will not have the limited edition features listed above. So you will be getting far more than a simple book, you will be getting two rarely seen adventure modules, maps, unique monsters, pregen PC's, a great comic and so much more. So remember there are only 300 copies of this hard cover collector set. So you better grab em before the other Adventureres plunder the dungeon and grab them up.

We are with some of the proceeds of the sale of this game going to do two special things. A portion of the sales will go to the 9/11 Never Forget Fund, however also we are donating a portion to Rachel Steine, a brave woman who dedicated her life in New York City to helping those with substance abuse issues. Rachel recently was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we hope that we can help her with some of her medical expenses that she will incur that insurance will not.

Format Hard Cover for this Limited Edition and also Soft Cover for the standard edition.
Number Players 2-6 Players
Time To Play Varies
Age Range 13 and up
Warnings Violence, Scary Situations
Subject Genre Fantasy