Wizard Tower Games

We are gamers who make games, and also we can help you see your idea, become a reality.

What makes us different, is we work on what we call "Community Driven" content. We listen to those that test play our games. We know your feedback is the only way, we will get better.

We make games for everyone. Thus we support everyone's right to be welcome

We take what we do seriously, and want to make the best games possible.


To be a solid game designer, you need to know about games. We all game here, so we understand what gamers want!

Game Testing

Before a game is released, we play test it. We then listen to the feedback we get. Critique makes our games better. And we understand this.


By using burgoning artist works, we hope we can espose them to a broader audience. Thus we hope helping them gain more clients.

Social Awareness

We understand gamers come in all shapes, sizes, genders and feelings. Everyone has a right to be respected, gaming is about community.

Responsible and Aware

We are a small company, but we have big ideas. We know growing pains will happen, so we are prepared to own up to mistakes when they happen.

Helping Others

We are willing to help fellow game developers get their games designed, written and made. So we also offer game publishing and development.

Coming April 2022

Our first OSR 1st Edition compatible adventure module, The Haunted Ruins. This is an adventure for levels 3-6


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Yes we can, we can do confidential design only services. Where we will design your game, lay it out and provide you with production ready files. Plus, remember that we will sign an NDA and you ALWAYS keep 100 percent rights to your game.

Our store website accepts all major Credit Cards, including PayPal. We also for design services accept Zelle, along with all major credit cards.

Yes we are, and in fact we are located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Right in the lower middle of the State.

When we publish and sell a game designers game, we are very open and transparant with our fees. We keep it simple. The creator of the game gets 75 percent, and we get 25 percent. We are open about it, so you understand up front the most important thing.

Simple answer is yes. You maintain 100 percent ownership of the game. You maintain 100 percent rights to your game. We sign a simple legal agreement that forbids us to sell it, use it etc, and expressly protect you and your rights. However in the end, the game you had us design and get ready for making is yours. We just provided a simple service to you.

We do offer whoesale discounts to legitimate reatil operations and online retailers. We have a retailers application you must fill out, and you will before purchasing provide us with your Sales Tax ID and also other needed documements that Uncle Sam makes us gather.