Game Publishing

We can either publish your game under our own label, or we can prepare your game for you to sell.


% of The Game Rights You Keep


% of Creative Control You Keep


% of Ownership Rights You Have


% of Overall Control You Have

What We Do?

We will take your concept and get it into a finished product to be marketed and sold either by you or us.

Real Support

We work directly with you, to get the best game done.

Full Rights

You always keep 100% of all Rights to the game.


Benefit from quality design.


You always have control of your game.

How does it work?

If you want Wizard Tower Games to publish and promote your game...



We will take your game, and work with you to get a solid, well designed and playable game. We can even provide art for it. Your game, your way. Simple as that.


Play Testing

Once your game is ready, we will make play test copies if needed, and give them to you to test and approve. Or, we can play test it for you. Always your choice.


Final Product

Once tested and ready, and you approve the game. You get the print ready files, and can market it or we can market it for you / with you. Your Choice.



If you want us to sell it for you, we pay 75 percent of the NET sales to you. Or you can simply print and sell it yourself. We also can produce the game for you.