The Haunted Ruins

An OSR / 1E Compatible Game Module

And OSR / 1E Module for Levels 3-6

This new game module for players levels 3 to 6, is a OSR / 1E compatible game that takes the players from a warm cozy Inn, in the small village of Briar. Then into the bowels of a dark set of ruins.

The job seemed simple at first. Rid the place of a band of pestersome goblins and orcs, who are using it as a base to raid local merchant caravans. However, once in there, the adventurers find out that there is a lot more happening in the ruins than people thought. Were they not told on purpose? Was the merchant who hired them simply not aware of the real danger that is in the deeper parts of the dungeon? No matter what, it does not matter now, as the adventurers have no choice but to deal with this mystery once and for all.

  • Release Date

    April, 2022

  • Genre

    Role Playing Game

  • Packaging


  • MSRP


  • Age Range

    12 - Adult