Making fun and interesting clothing for gamers

We want to make sure you look your best, while on that dangerous quest.

What Makes Us Different

Our clothing is made with the environment in mind


I use shirt makers that use environmentally sustainable materials.

Fresh Designs

I try to make new and fresh designs. Not just the same things others do.

Community Support

Part of every sale goes to local charities that help our community.

One Girl Behind This

I am a Sophmore who loves creating things. My dad helps me a little also.

Three Subjects

I make clothing for three types of interests



I create designs gamers, geeks and my fellow artsy types will love.



I am proud of those who served, so I make designs also to honor them.


Art Lovers

I also make what I think is trendy, art loving stuff others will like.

Latest Projects

Check out some of my projects with creative ideas and great design.