Welcome to Wizard Tower Games

A small game publishing company with some big plans

Who Are We?

We are a small game design and game publishing studio in mid Michigan. We are Gamers making Games.

We work on the simple principal of work hard, be socially aware and responsible, and listen to those who offer critique of our games. We promise that we will...

  • Listen to our customers and players.
  • Respect others and their ways and ideas.
  • Work hard to put out well made, well designed games.
  • Be a company that acts responsibly.

We were told a game business? You have got to be nuts!


An idea

We have always gamed, and then one day we thought why not?


An Investment

We then invested in the tools, programs and equipment we would need.


A Gamble

We know it will be hard work, but we are prepared to roll that D20.

Why Do This?

Some people stand by and say "I wish"... We say "I will"...

We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, we are only trying to make games that are fun, interesting and that will bring others happiness when playing.

We think that when you work hard, act socially responsible, learn from your mistakes and from others suggestions. Good things are the result. We know a game business will be a lot of work, but we have a passion for it, and we are determined to make it work.

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